simply well today

Change your mindset (over your diet) align your thoughts, feelings, and actions - and finally live in the body you’ve been longing for.

This 4 week program shows you the one thing that’s been missing from everything else you’ve tried.

Simple daily steps to deeply reprogram your thoughts, change your habits, reclaim your body, and transform your health.

With ease, fun, and SIMPLE DAILY STEPS, YOU CAN live better, eat better and finally feel better

SO - If you are ready to... 

Feel strong, sexy, and fully alive in your body...

Finally wear the clothes you love and feel amazing when you look in the mirror...

Stop waking up every morning planning to workout and never actually doing it...

Eat in a way that feels easy, natural and feeds your body and your soul the healthy way...

Link arms with someone who will supportively and lovingly push you to take the actions you know you need to take to finally feel the way you want to feel...


And wake up every day excited to finally live your life in a body that’s strong, energized, and as healthy and vital as you’ve always imagined was possible…

Go to bed happy at the end of your day knowing you did everything right for your body, mind, and heart feeling relaxed and satisfied…



In my 4-week program you’ll finally develop a routine that will fit into your already-busy life: one that's realistic, achievable, and finally long-lasting.



I remember a time in my life when I felt scattered, unfocused, overwhelmed, and stressed. I was going through a sad divorce, and was so unhappy. 

I was trying so many things, desperate to find something, anything, to make me feel better.

Wading through a million different conflicting pieces of advice, I started to lose sight of what I really wanted and needed, and why I was going down this road in the first place. 

I knew there was a way to separate the fads from the facts, and find ways to create a lifestyle and plan that really fit for me personally... But there always seemed to be one critical piece missing. 

That missing piece is your mindset. The way you connect your goals and desires with your actions.

This is the difference between always searching and never finding what works, and creating a set of habits that feel natural, easy and fit simply into your current life and schedule.

I remember a time in my life when I thought I was at my healthiest. 

I looked super fit, I was eating what I thought were the right foods and doing what I was supposed to do right.

But deep inside, I felt scattered, unfocused, overwhelmed and stressed.  I was truly unhappy going through a sad divorce. 

I realized that health and fitness have real effects on us, only when we are capable of having the right mindset so that we can align our heart with our health. 


Wake up fully rested and have more energy throughout the day, and live your life in a better mood internally and around your loved ones...

Learn how to move your body, in a way that actually feels good to you, without feeling overwhelmed, or exhausted...

Experience a true sense of fulfillment and wellness; no more deprivation or feeling trapped in a plan that isn’t right or sustainable for you...

Feel calm, confident, and relaxed with the daily choices that you make because they fit into your life so simply.


heart + mindset








simply well today



simply centered
  • Uncover the truth about your biggest health challenges and discover the priorities you want and need to be focusing on right away
  • Make a life-changing decision that will enable you to finally commit to your health while following what's in your heart
  • Smash past the obstacles and fears that have (until now) gotten in the way of your goals, so that you can finally see results


simply nourished
  • Start truly nourishing your body in simple and deeply satisfying ways by discovering foods you love that make you feel most energized
  • Uncover a truly custom-approach to nutrition like you’ve never seen before, that will leave you feeling excited and inspired 
  • Change your whole approach to how you think and feel around food, eating and “diets”, and how to finally set yourself up for life-long success


simply moving
  • Increase your strength and vitality and change the way you move through simple, effective pilates exercises that you can easily do at home without complicated equipment or a lot of time
  • Learn to fall in love with your body and reconnect with yourself by finding the best ways to increase your energy and start moving even if you haven’t done much of anything for what seems like forever
  • Create a powerful, yet simple routine that will change the way you look at moving your body and how you feel about doing it everyday


simply self-care
  • Learn how to simply and easily embody your true strong self, with specific hands on exercises to add more joy, attention and care to your body, mind and spirit Learn how to ensure that you support yourself internally and externally to stay on track with your health so that you never have to worry about a yo-yo effect again
  • Strengthen and empower your mindset, so that you have the self assurance and confidence you need to achieve anything you want

Hola! I’m Elvy, a Transformational Holistic Health Coach and Pilates instructor. I help frustrated women who struggle with body image to create the lives and bodies they want to live in. I help women find their spark, nourish their bodies and minds, and make their health a priority in simple, easy ways that don’t feel like a burden to their already full lives. I know what it’s like juggling life, work, family and putting yourself last on your to-do list. I’m an expert in helping women truly connect to their heart and what matters to them and bringing that into reality. 

Simply Well Today is a manifestation of my deep desire to reach and help women just like you!

With my unique approach, we dig deep to find out what is truly holding you back from making lasting change. Yes, I cover health, lifestyle, nutrition, and the Pilates method, but it all starts with being truly aligned with what feels good to you. By putting mindset over diet and taking a whole body (and mind) approach, you can feel confident, empowered, strong, and truly happy!

I am a Certified Wellness Coach and a classically trained Pilates instructor, taught by the best in each field: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska. More importantly, I am a mother of three, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a loving, supportive and skilled guide that can help you achieve what you long for.  I am also on my own quest to keep a healthy balance and enjoy a simple, happy, life.

Hi there! I’m Elvy Perez, a health and alignment coach that helps busy women find their spark, nourish their heart and make their health a priority. I know what it’s like juggling a million things at once, and I know you are putting yourself last on your list of priorities. I’m an expert in helping you truly connect to what’s in your heart, and letting that happiness radiate to your body. Sure, I cover health, nutrition and fitness, but it all starts with being truly aligned with what feels good to you. With putting mindset over diet and understanding that by nourishing your heart, you can truly be present and happy with the way you look.

I am a Certified Wellness Coach as well as a classically trained Pilates instructor by the best in each field. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska.

Simply Well Today is a manifestation of my deep desire to reach and help many more, just like you!

More importantly, I am a mother of three amazing beings, a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend and on my own quest to keep a healthy balance and simply enjoy life. 



 Weekly videos to explain the simple instructions for the week ahead


I will walk you step by step  through each weekly handout that you can use to deepen your understanding, experience, and success in the program


Weekly goal setting and action steps to help you clarify your goals, gain momentum, and create your desired outcomes


where you can connect to a community of like-minded women on the same path. I will be  there to answer questions, give tips and cheer you on! PLUS LIVE group coaching (FB Live), for you to ask questions and get feedback


when the course is open


I believe wholeheartedly that the answer is YES! The introductory cost of this full 4-week course is less than the cost of treating a friend to a nice dinner out.

This special price is for my new clients only, and gives you lifetime access to any changes, upgrades or additions I make to the program. and it's all yours to keep forever!


I believe wholeheartedly that the answer is YES! It's we worth it. The cost of this full 4-week course would perhaps be the cost of a single 45 minute private wellness session with me, combined with a 45 minute private Pilates class added to that visit.

I'm delivering tons in this 4 week course and it's all yours to keep. You'll also be receiving 30 or more yummy and easy to make meal recipes including smoothies and juices full of goodness!

You may actually find yourself saving money on your grocery bill over the course of the program. You'll learn to shop smartly and have essentials at hand. With a bit of meal planning and learning to also shop online for healthy items will make you a more efficient shopper.


  • You are ready to set your health goals in a way that is simple, empowering and exciting to you
  • You are ready to finally end self-sabotaging behavior and get crystal-clear on what's really holding you back from your whole healthiest self
  • You are ready to receive simple, actionable steps you can start implementing right now to help finally reach your goals once and for all
  • You are ready for supportive guidance, direction, and insight that will enable you to start loving that amazing body of yours
  • You want to be part of a  community of like-minded women who will help you stay on-course and accountable in a loving way
  • You are ready to start making healthier choices without having to give up, go cold turkey, or feel deprived of pleasure


  • You're not willing to start stepping gently outside of your current comfort zone
  • You already have all the tools and knowledge to make healthy changes to your lifestyle
  • You don't really know if you want to achieve long-lasting changes to your well-being
  • You want instant results, and are looking for an extreme program with restrictions
  • You're looking for a bootcamp type program and are not feeling this wholesome holistic approach that brings together mind, body, and soul
  • You're not open to change and are content with the way things are in your life
  • You aren’t planning on following through with suggestions and tools for improvement


simply well today